DVD Burner Tutorial - How to Backup DVD and Vido to ipad or iphone

I saw some reviews on the Clone DVD and bought it online and downloaded the software – to my pleasant surprise it was really easy to use. I’m not very technically savvy so was quite nervous about buying it but thank goodness the instructions on the DVD copy software was simple and I could copy and burn DVD movies by removing all existing DVD protections. I bought the Clone DVD in order put all my movies onto the backup DVD. I now go around recommended all my friends to do the same as I now know why the backup DVD and using a DVD burner is so popular (and using the Blu-ray discs, which basically have the same physical dimensions as standard DVDs and CDs). I now understand why the dvd burner is such a it’s a widely used method- I wish I started doing this earlier!

With the DVD burner software I was able to copy, burn, rip any movie into a backup dvd that I have and it was able to remove and bypass all the DVD copy protections which was fab .It could copy DVD by auto-removing unnecessary warning screen and watermarks. I could copy from a DVD9 to a DVD 5 and was able to do it without losing anything along the way and could compress it all into the DVD 5.

Most importantly I copied my videos to Ipad and also videos to Iphone. Thought being able to do that was so neat. Video to Ipad, I can keep it there to be to watch on my ipad any time which is more portable. First thing I did was put all the children’s videos to ipad so I could take that out with me everywhere and they can watch all their favorite movies while we’re at restaurants or in the car – a real life saver! Also saving the videos on iphone is also a great backup. The screen is not big enough for watching but having some parts of movies even with the small screen can be handy as I don’t always remember to bring the ipad out with me but will always have my iphone- I feel lost without it. In terms of keepings the kids entertained – the video to ipad and video to iphone function is just so important!

I was able copy my beloved DVDs which I have always wanted to keep forever and needed desperately to make copies and was able to do so easily onto cheaply bought blank DVD disks which I have come to appreciate to be such a convenient thing to be able to do! It can also be copied into ISO and other video formats but just a DVD was good enough for me. What was also great was that I was able to copy and keep only the main part of the movie so I could cut out all the parts at the beginning which was not necessary- like all the trailers and intro parts so it’s actually better to watch the copy that the original DVD nowadays!

The DVD Clone also allows me to copy and burn a particular chapter or several chapters of a DVD which is great for things like projects and if you to share or save just a particular bit of a DVD. Really useful for keeping just bits rather than the whole thing. Another feature if that there is a DVD ripper function – which you can extract a particular clip of the DVD or delete out the part of the DVD disc that you dislike or don’t want to keep and keep only the bits that you want to store . It has DVD cropping where you can eliminate unwanted areas of the frame of DVD to fit in with the various display screens on the different monitors which you might use. I was able to merge different DVD chapters into a single move which is handy. What’s more I can insert a subtitle in a preferred language which is great as I can save all the movies in Chinese subtitle and keep it that way for my mother-in law to watch always later.