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This is BlackBerry Passport

British telecom operators Carphone Warehouse has the BlackBerry Passport video in official channels, new to fit, means that this new product will be landing in the near future to the UK market. Ex...
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Apple’s smart watch will also adopt the sapphire screen

According to the Wall Street journal, apple’s forthcoming intelligent smart watch may also have the same sapphire screen as iPhone 6. Sapphire glass scratch resistant abrasion resistance and...
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Samsung virtual reality equipment Project Moonlight is coming

According to TheVerge, Samsung will release a virtual reality head-mounted display device Project Moonlight at the consumer electronics show in Berlin in Germany on September 3, the principle is s...
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The PlayStation 4 sold more than 10 million

SONY today announced on Gamescom fair game, as to August 10, PlayStation 4 global sales hit the 10 million mark has become a SONY history “the fastest sales, sales is the most fierce” ...
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IOS occupies two-thirds enterprise mobile market

Enterprise mobile security technology company Good Technology released mobile terminal enterprise market data every quarter. 2014 Q2 just released a new report, the same as in previous years, appl...
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Flappy Bird came back to support double game mode

Flappy Bird return! Just name became Flappy Birds Family. Today, Flappy Bird developers Dong Nguyen in the amazon app store onlined the game Flappy Birds Family. But now the game has not login the...
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Apple will cut back about 1/3 Beats employees, reserved for more development and creative jobs

Apple has already bought Beats for some time, in the past two weeks, apple executives had involved with solving problems of Beats staff, but Beats 700 team will cut 200 jobs, keeping jobs are most...
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Microsoft sued Samsung: after we buy Nokia, South Koreans did not pay royalties

According to Reuters, Microsoft last night sued to the United States Manhattan federal court accused Samsung patent in arrears. Microsoft senior legal adviser David Howard said, “Since Micro...
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It is rumored that the iPhone 6 or will be available on October 14

MacRumors quoted a senior director of apple store, apple iPhone 6 may be on sale in October 14, and the iPhone 6 rumors already a long time. The apple retail store, senior director, said that Octo...
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Modbook Pro is just a Kickstarter project

Once a company called Axiotron, its first product is to transform ordinary Macbook for built-in Wacom touch solutions and stylus tablets. But in its own financial problems and after apple released...