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The iPhone 6 may equipped with mobile payment function

Apple, according to The Information, have discussed cooperation plans with several credit card agencies readying to launch a pay service this fall, at that time, all the iPhone users can pay by eq...
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OS X Yosemite beta will be online tomorrow; official version will be released in October

In a conference last month, apple said its latest computer operating system OS X Yosemite there will be a public beta version for all users. You can apply for the test on the page with the Apple ID...
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Apple’s new patent exposure – iPod Nano + magic wristbands = “iWatch”

This Tuesday, the U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO) granted Apple a new patent. From the released patent documents it is shown that an electronic equipment to wear on your wrist, called iTi...
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It is alleged that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be equipped with metal shell

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 flagship phone finally is expected to get rid of the “cheap” sense of its plastic housing. According to South Korean ET News learned from people ...
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Handwriting recognition in Chrome OS soft keyboard

According to rumors, Google’s Chrome OS soft keyboard is now much more a handwriting input options. The function was first found in Chrome Canary the edition (Canary channel).Canary is a spec...
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Android One will hit the India Market in October

Do you remember the Android One? This phone will be released in October this year in India, the fastest Micromax OEM products from India’s mobile phone manufacturers. Android One phone costs...
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Blackberry Announced the Voice Assistant – BlackBerry Assistant

Apple has Siri, Google has Google Now, Microsoft has Cortana, Blackberry said, I also want to have one. Today, the BlackBerry blog officially unveiled his voice Assistant BlackBerry Assistant. Bla...
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Apple joins hands with IBM to create new history

Apple and IBM have just announced an exclusive cooperation agreement, “we will unite leading power of the two companies, applying a new category of business applications to transform enterpr...
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Will you pay for the iWatch if it sells at $300

According to cNet, Morgan Stanley analysts predict apple iWatch smart watches may price round $300.  If correct, it means that the smart watch will be priced higher than most similar products on t...
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Microsoft will launch the next generation search tools Delve, search email; social networking and wo

Microsoft will launch the next generation search tools Delve, search email, social networking and working file to serve work life According to BI, Microsoft will release the next generation of sea...