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Simplest DVD copy tool – 1:1 copy DVD 5 to a blank DVD 5

Original DVD is very precious. You have a useful DVD 5, and you don’t want it to been scratched or lost. But you need to use it frequently, what can you do? You can 1:1 copy DVD 5 to a blank DVD 5, and store the original DVD 5 in your study.

This guide will explain how to copy videos on a DVD 5, including menus and extra materials, to a one recordable blank DVD 5 (DVD+R/W or DVD-R/W) using the simplest, fastest and cheapest tools available. It will take you about several minutes.

If your DVD source is under 4.7 GB (so called DVD 5), you have to copy it to fit on one recordable DVD-5 without quality loss. CloneDVD is the world best and easiest-to-use DVD copy software to copy / burn / rip / encrypt any DVD movies by removing all existing DVD protections automatically. It supports DVD 1:1 copy with a DVD burner and can remain 100% same to the original DVD discs. With CloneDVD, you can compress/shrink DVD9 to DVD 5, copy DVD9 to DVD9 and DVD5 to DVD5 perfectly, split or divide DVD9 into 2 DVD5 and even convert DVD to MP4,DVD to 3GP, DVD to AVI, etc.

Guides to copy DVD9 to a blank DVD9:
1. Just download CloneDVD, install it in your Windows computer and run it.
2. Load the original DVD 5 to your computer, CloneDVD will automatically decrypt it.
3. Insert a blank DVD 5, select copy as DVD.
4. Select DVD Capacity: 4.7GB DVD 5.
5. Choose copy methods: Entire disc, Main movie, Customize.
6. Start to copy.

Wait for several seconds, a copied DVD 5 is completed. You can repeat playing the copied one as you like.