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1:1 Copy DVD 9 to a blank DVD 9 without Quality Loss

As an original DVD 9 is very precious, you may don’t want it to been scratched or lost, but you need to keep the original quality as the same. What can you do? You can 1:1 copy DVD to a blank DVD, and collect the original DVD 9 well. Sometimes you want to show your favorite DVD movies to your friends, you can play the copied one. And suppose you are a teacher, you need to show some information to your students; you may worry about losing the original DVD files, so you can bring a copy to classroom.

CloneDVD is the world best and easiest-to-use DVD copy software to copy / burn / rip / encrypt any DVD movies by removing all existing DVD protections automatically. It supports DVD 1:1 copy with a DVD burner and can remain 100% same to the original DVD discs. With CloneDVD, you can compress/shrink DVD9 to DVD 5, copy DVD9 to DVD9and DVD5 to DVD5 perfectly, split or divide DVD9 into 2 DVD5 and even convert DVD to MP4, DVD to 3GP, DVD to AVI, etc.

How to copy DVD9 to a blank DVD9?
Step 1. Just download CloneDVD and launch it on your computer with Windows operation system.
Step 2. Import the original DVD 9 to your computer.
Step 3. Insert a blank DVD 9, select copy as DVD.
Step 4. Select DVD Capacity: 8.95GB DVD 9.
Step 5. Choose copy methods:
Entire disc: backup a whole DVD disk without any loss of data and qualities
Main movie: you can copy the main movie only onto a blank disc.
Customize: personalize your own DVD movie content by freely selecting which chapter to copy and which one not.
Step 6. Start to copy.

Then a copied DVD 9 comes into being. You can repeat playing the copied one while the original DVD 9 is as good as new.