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4 Effective Ways to Free Up Your Android Smartphone Memory

It is well-known to us that Android Phone constitutes half Smartphone market. There are countless people who are using Android mobile phones. However, users will sometimes encounter the below situation: their Android devices constantly run into the issue of running out of space when installing and using various Android apps. Here we introduce you some simple ways to go about making the most out of this small chunk of Android phone memory. See more below.


Tip 1. Move all Android Apps to Internal Memory Card or SD Card

Nowadays, since almost all Android phones support moving apps from built-in phone storage to internal or external SD card, which typically has a far more generous amount of free space, users can move some Android apps to that to free up precious phone space.


Tip 2. Remove Unnecessary or Idle Apps Installed on Your Android Phone

This tip comes a little difficulty, but it works quite well and ultimately comes down to priorities. You should fully understand what your bare essential uses of your Android smartphone are. And if you constantly keep running into low space issues, you’d better take a good look at the apps you have installed on your Android phone and ask yourself if you really need each of them, if you really have installed unnecessary or idle apps, it’s better to remove a game you might not be playing all so often.

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Tip 3. Install and Run a Cleaner App to Detect and Remove Residual Files and Cache

Users need to install a cleaner app to scan the Android phone built-in memory, internal memory and SD card to discover and remove cache and residual files to free some extra space. This tip is easy to handle and worth giving this a try.


Tip 4. Do not Update those Non-removable Apps You Never Use

It is common that there are certain apps that come with your Android phone which you cannot remove when you buy it. And every once in a while there are updates information coming in for them, if you update the new version, which can actually make those apps larger in file size; you will loss more precious phone space. Therefore, if you don’t use them, you should not install those updates.