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A Complete Guide To Making Blu-Ray Backups

This guide covers how to backup your Blu-Ray discs. Everything you need to know about creating 1:1 backups as well as BD-5 backups in 1080p and full 5.1 audio, is in this easy step-by-step guide great for beginners as well as advanced users.

NOTE: The DVD copy method is NOT an MPEG2-encoded backup! The files are still 1080p AVCHD Blu-Ray files, and playable on any Blu-Ray player, including the PS3. The DVD method for backing up will NOT play on a standard set-top DVD player.

Disclaimer: Neither the creator of this guide, nor any makers of the included software, will be held responsible in any way for the use or misuse of this material. This tutorial was created for those who want to protect their Blu-Ray investments, but do not have the technical knowledge on how to perform the backup process, as it is somewhat complicated. As previously stated, this guide is only to be used by those who own the Blu-Ray discs that they are backing up. You are prohibited from using this tutorial on discs obtained through rental or subscription services. Any use of this guide for all legal and/or illegal purposes is the sole responsibility of the end user. This guide comes with no expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of support, of any kind.

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