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A summary of user experience and feedback – CloneDVD 5

After we issue our new product – CloneDVD, and offer a 14 days free trial use for all DVD copy enthusiasts. Almost 30% of our visitors have visited our website and downloaded this powerful DVD clone software, and we’ve received thousands of feedback emails from almost each continent of the earth.

Now, it’s necessary for me to give all of our friends a report on their use experience and feedback.

Some of them asked for technical support, like “how to copy your DVDs to a Dual Layer Disc or iPod”, “What is region code”, “Why my drive rips so slowly”, “How to redownload CloneDVD“, and so forth. I have to say:”WOW, it’s really a lot of how and why!”

While some other folks seems to be interested in our product, and inquired about the price and after sales thing, such as “May I enjoy a discount if I buy more than two piece of your product?”, “Do I have to pay for the update?”, or “If it doesn’t work on my laptop, is return available?”…..

And some of them write to us in a more aggressive way, like “Why should I buy your product?”, “What your edge over your competitors?”, “Your price is too higher, and I don’t need those additional functions”, etc.

On behalf of our company – *DVD X Studios*, I have to apologize that:”I can’t write back to each of you. But we have classified most of those questions, and answer them at our blog site:*http://www.clonedvd.net/blog/*. For those not so frequently asked but important questions, we have already most of them, and will try to reply the rest soon.

In conclusion, thank you for your support and we will try our best to do better, and make more fine product!