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About the release of Windows 10 tomorrow, all of the spoilers are here


On January 21, since the official Blog confirm Windows 10 product launch time and the main process, there are new details.10 in the conference will focus on the Windows mobile phone and tablet on the operation of the demo, explain how Windows and Office software and Xbox game system integration, also including the Spartan browser version and Windows consumer prices.

10 Microsoft Windows first cross-platform system, is regarded as Microsoft out of Windows 8 shadow, in the mobile terminal to catch up with apple and Google’s important weapon.Before the conference tomorrow, can the Win10 first do a simple preparation. All platforms: Win10 will cover all the size and category of Windows equipment, all equipment, including the Xbox will share an app store, music, TV shows, etc will be integrated together with the application along with the game.

The design of the overall system design: Win10 reset doing, to restore the original Settings, start menu system virtual desktop functionality has been added, in Windows 8 new Metro application in 10 will switch to the form of the window.Search box and the classification of form to replace the original Windows 8 two Bar type control panel interface, to adapt to the mouse and touch operation, set button has been moved out of the Charms Bar.The overall UI can feel.

Cortana: Win10 will integrate Cortana XiaoNa (Microsoft), directly above the search interface Cortana, accept text and voice commands, like in Windows Phone Settings, or access to the more advanced features, with Windows. Spartan: Spartan is to release a new version of the browser, with Win10 but Win10 still keep IE browser.Spartan will with Windows store application form, design interface is similar to Chrome.Will integrate Cortana replace the Bing search function, with the aid of OneNote integrate OneDrive resources advantage.

Continuum: Win10 will integrate new touch interface Continuum.Continuum can help users to touch interface and the touch switch freely between environment, solve doing touch screen on both sides of the users and mouse thankless. Under the Xbox: Win10 Xbox integrated into some social elements, through one of the App, users can access to a list of friends, to check the activity streams.May integrate SmartGlass.

Enterprise edition, enterprise edition will adopt the way of double validation to ensure safety, Win10 enterprise edition will put the user’s work and personal life, in the form of “novelty” apart. The overall open source developers: development environment, developers can be on the outside of the Windows platform applications, Microsoft will continue to provide on these platforms. Running environment and the framework applications.Microsoft also cooperate with Xamarin cross-platform compatible service for application developers.

Windows 10 perhaps adjustments on some business model.Microsoft executives, may be popularized to the user additional services or applications, such as Microsoft’s Skype video calls, OneDrive file storage and digital video download service, etc.And analysts speculated that Microsoft may provide some users with Windows in the annual subscription way 10, rather than the original mode of one-time purchase, this may speed up the Windows revenue.

In addition, Windows released 10 technical preview only valid before April 2015, time with Microsoft developers conference, finalized Win10 or is expected to be launched. Windows 10 is a string, “mobile first, cloud first” strategy under the action of important products, Microsoft operating system itself is also a important source of income.Nomura securities analyst Rick Sherlund estimates, as the fiscal year on June 30 last year, the operating system for Microsoft contributed 19% of revenue