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Amazon Kindle personal book production tools ownexperience Creator, easily all the PDF into


According to VB, Amazon announced recently that they is about to start a new project – the Kindle ownexperience Creator, the purpose is to help the education institutions and the author give students make e-books.

Amazon’s official introduction, the user through the Kindle ownexperience Creator and KDP EDU can enjoy three benefits: By Kind ownexperience Creator to textbooks, lecture notes and other teaching materials into the Kindle Books.Even if the file contains a large number of complex graphics, tables, formulas, conversion is also very convenient.In addition, when you make a Book at the beginning of the kindle Book, in addition to preview function, it also supports a dictionary query, note taking, mark even memory card.However, all functions are currently supported in English.

At present through KDP book, can experience on different platforms and systems, including PC, tablet, mobile phone, also covers the iOS and Android system.Through a variety of devices can touch up to millions of students around the world. Amazon has a strong marketing ability, at the same time its online bookstore has very strong influence. When you use a Kind ownexperience Creator after making books, you can choose to KDP choice, get more promotional benefits by Amazon.

Although at present the tools provided by the function also is very simple, but Amazon’s official said after will continue to promote the project, including the increase of the new features, and cooperate with the traditional education publishers. Apple had similar project before, through the iBooks Author help education institutions and education workers make books, e-books through iTunes after distribution. But unlike apple, Amazon this book make threshold is lower and allows the user to use existing text as the starting point of production, but also provides developers with the Kindle has full service of e-books.