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Amazon to pay for the phone experiment, Fire Phone diving to $ 199


According to the show’s official website Amazon, Amazon’s first 3D smartphone Fire Phone prices again, which is now cracked version 32GB version is priced at $ 199 (about 1221 yuan). The Amazon Fire Phone 7 月 24 Rigang sale (AT & T two-year contract, the price is $ 199; bare metal price $ 649), just over four months on its pricing style falls from the low-end entry-level mainstream flagship, which mine is drunk. However, Amazon said that this was a limited-time promotion, the original price of $ 499 will resume in December 1st.

In addition, the purchase of Fire Phone still comes with a year’s worth $ 99 Amazon Prime membership service. The service allows users unlimited access to Amazon’s music, television and movie content, using Amazon’s cloud service to store photos, and enjoy courier service within two days served. So when the time prices Fire Phone, Wired said that it is to become Amazon Premium member cheapest way.

According to foreign media reports, Fire Phone sales did not meet expectations. It is estimated that one month after the listing sales of only about 30,000. For this reason, Amazon in September slashed the Fire Phone handsets priced from $ 649 to $ 449, AT & T two-year contract unit price is down from $ 199 to $ 0.99 before. However, Amazon seems to be caught in a dilemma will buy more down.

Amazon released in October, according to data show that as of the end of the third quarter, not yet out of the Fire Phone sales amounting to $ 83 million, the equivalent of 207,000 phones. For Fire Phone, David Limp, senior vice president of Amazon equipment business has said, Fire Phone high initial pricing is the main reason for its failure.

But for so-called “excessive” pricing, Amazon probably has its own difficulties. According to Re / code messages, research firm IHS teardown analysis provided in the report said, Amazon has just launched the Fire handset component cost price is $ 205 higher than Apple’s iPhone 5s. IHS is responsible for dismantling business analyst Andrew Rassweiler, said: “Amazon Fire on the phone put a lot of R & D funding, in order to recover the costs of these inputs, the only way is to sell a lot of it.”

As a test for water, Amazon stereotyped attempt to inject fresh blood into the smartphone market: Fire Phone flagship 3D dynamic perspective, users can experience on the phone to a true 3D interface; the core of Fire Phone is a powerful recognition capabilities Firefly – quick scan to identify merchandise, music, images, two-dimensional code, film and books such as 100 million items of information and support for the purchase.

Thus, Amazon is essentially still an appliance business, launched a mobile phone is not necessarily so simple to sell mobile phones. From the phone’s design point of view, this “experiment” the ultimate goal is to increase sales by Fire Phone Amazon’s. However, after the launch, The Verge gives a comprehensive evaluation of the evaluation as low as 5.9 points (out of 10). From the sales point of view, consumers are not going to pay for Fire Phone’s innovations. It seems, Amazon of this basic experiment failed.

But this, Amazon is still relatively “upset.” Jorrit Van vice president of European equipment business Amazon der Meulen said “Amazon Fire Phone will be seen as a long-term project. While the loss in the short term can not be ignored, but sales are not solely Amazon early to judge a product.”