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American and Indian film companies join forces to combat piracy

Hollywood and Bollywood will join forces to combat piracy. American Film Institute and the seven Indian companies will deal with the piracy problem in one of world’s largest film market in India.

The alliance is more active in Hollywood trying to break into the global market and Indian films in the growing scale and level, and is narrowing the gap with the U.S. film company established under the situation. U.S. film company film company with India’s views on intellectual property issues has been consistent.  (DVD copy)

The alliance against film piracy in India, taken with a camera cinema co-operation against piracy (which is 90% of the source of DVD piracy), with the police to step up enforcement, and Internet service providers to crack down on Internet piracy and cooperate with politicians to create a more effective law. (CloneDVD download)

American Film Institute in the United States, Europe and Hong Kong have established similar alliances. American Film Institute did not disclose the size of the budget of cooperation. However, it said that money will come from members of the alliance.