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Android One will hit the India Market in October


Do you remember the Android One? This phone will be released in October this year in India, the fastest Micromax OEM products from India’s mobile phone manufacturers. Android One phone costs a mere $100, for low-end mobile phone market, this product has a special meaning, of course, now you might have expected to its popularity in emerging markets.

Android One in terms of hardware supports dual SIM CARDS and expanding microSD card, 4.5 -inch screen, support FM radio. In India, is famous for its low price and Moto Moto E G also has good sales.  It is important to note that in order to guarantee the Android One’s success in the Indian market, Google is willing to provide financial support, it will give India market around $16.7 million in aid.

In addition to financial support, head of the Android Sundar Pichai will also visit India. These actions show that Google for Android One’s attention. Android One meaning is that can keep the cell phone manufacturers to build low-cost smartphones, the mobile phone sales group is the emerging markets of close to 1 billion potential customers. Android One allow manufacturers to join a small amount of your own custom application, the overall experience is more close to the original system, and regularly for updates from Google