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Apple May Release iPad Mini on October 23

The iPad Mini release date is still a big unknown. But it may be coming sooner than we thought. Accordin to an invite sent from Apple for an event on October 23, which states “we’ve got a little more to show you”. We are assuming it to refer to the iPad Mini.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

iPad Mini Release Date

Rumours say that the iPad Mini may be released before Christmas, for the analyst Shaw Wu said the “exact timing” for an iPad Mini release date “is difficult to predict”, while the launch is a “question of when, not if”.

Although people said the release date of iPad mini may be October 10, and later October 17. Today is October 19. Obviously the two dates are incorrect. And now the most possible date is October 23 as everyone believes. For various sources suggest Apple will have a special event for the iPad Mini, as as said before, this has already been confirmed after Apple sent out the invite.

iPad Mini Overview

As early as in 2010, Steve Jobs, the former Apple SEO, said that smaller screened tablets were not “sufficient to create great tablet apps” and would be “dead on arrival”, so the suggestion that a new iPad Mini in the works reveals a potentially new direction for the firm in its post-Jobs era. For these years, all reports or rumors from a large variety of sources tell us that the iPad Mini will definitely be a little smaller, a little thinner, with a lower resolution and a lower price. It is clear that Apple use to attract customers who would not like to buy a new iPad.