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Apple’s new patent: the air adjust the center of gravity to avoid broken iPhone screen


Apple this week won the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a new patent entitled “Electronic equipment protection mechanisms”, this mechanism can detect the iPhone appears to drop the case, then the use of mobile phone vibration motor to adjust the center of gravity, ensure the phone with the ground when the screen upward.

According to the patent description, this mechanism will use the processing power of iPhone, accelerometers and gyroscopes identified phone drop event, and then in a split between the calculated lowering speed, the impact time and the rotational speed, and finally using the vibration motor to adjust the phone the center of gravity and rotational state dropped to the ground to make sure that when the phone screen facing up.

Although the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is not configured such vibration motor, but had all the old iPhone are equipped, and said patent competent enough electrical power for such work, but also describes how to speed up the case falls under encountered motor work.

In addition, Apple is also trying to use the headset to the phone off to avoid. Upon detecting the occurrence of fall events, the system can be locked by the headset plug in the phone jack, with ears or clothing to prevent or slow the fall. Conversely, if the phone is considered necessary to make phone and headset line separation, the system can also perform the inverse operation – say something or headphones entangled possible to drag under the table when the phone.

Previously Apple had also tested other phones fall protection. Let’s say in 2013 obtained a patent utilizes compressed air can spray out when the phone is off the ground at the crash cushion (like those type of vehicle return). There is a way out of place by tabs and pop away aerodynamic surfaces to increase drag and reduce the impact affected. Apple’s patent also mentions recycling buttons and switches to prevent damage when dropped.

Of course, the above is just Apple’s vision, in order to become a reality it may take a very long time, but not necessarily in the future Apple will put into practice. In contrast, the high intensity of the screen (such as sapphire screen) cost down, or come up with a more defensive screen (say, the fourth generation of diamond known as Corning glass falling on the ground broken screen ratio can be reduced to 20%) in the near future inside seem more feasible.