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Apple’s smart watch will also adopt the sapphire screen


According to the Wall Street journal, apple’s forthcoming intelligent smart watch may also have the same sapphire screen as iPhone 6.

Sapphire glass scratch resistant abrasion resistance and other characteristics, its hardness than even apple mobile kong glass applied at present. The VB obtain news that iPhone 6 will also be configured sapphire screen. But the Wall Street journal reported that the sapphire screen will use listed in the fall of this year’s iPhone more expensive models above 6 – type of flash memory configuration is higher, it is strange, because never previously apple in configuration for different models to make such a big product differentiation. If so, it means that apple has taken a new product marketing strategy.

Allegedly this kind of screen this month will be in apple factories located in Arizona. The Wall Street journal also noticed that apple on the sapphire screen has carried on the significant investment; the move is likely to make other manufacturers in trouble to follow up. Others, however, in a similar strategy., Reuters reported on Thursday, the iPhone camera supplier OmniVision received by Hua Capital Management Ltd, led by the Chinese consortium bid of $1.67 billion.

Comprehensive previous media many forecast, 4.7 -inch iPhone 6 could be released on September 9th, 5.5 inch version may be delayed a few weeks or a month shipment. And iWatch time-to-market prediction has multiple versions, concentrated in 10, in November.