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Asia Company Debuts DVD-to-iPad Software

China’s BlazeVideo, Inc. has debuted software that converts DVDs to files playable on the Apple iPad, as well as software that converts video files on a computer to those compatible with the iPad.

“BlazeVideo iPad tools aim at providing users with the easiest way to move content between devices,” said ***, CEO of BlazeVideo.

The company said in a press release, “If you already have tons of DVD movies and videos at hand, then it’s not necessary to pay extra money on iPad’s built-in iTunes store for exactly the same movie.”

The DVD software, available for $29.95, allows for videos to be edited, and for audio streams to be removed.

People said it’s not likely BlazeVideo software will meet the same fate as RealNetworks’ RealDVD copying software. In March RealNetworks agreed to pay Hollywood studios $4.5 million and dropped its appeals over a ruling that prevented the company from selling the software.

“When you’re off-shore or free, it may not be worth the frustration,” he said about potential litigation against Wondershare. “Both for PCs and Macs there are already just way too many solutions out there for copying DVDs.”