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“Avatar” is Most-Pirated Movie of 2010

Los Angeles – “Avatar” was the “most-pirated” movement photo of 2010 on internet file-sharing networks, racking up 16.6 million downloads on BitTorrent alone, in accordance with some report compiled by TorrentFreak. The before report with probably the most downloads of the movement photo in an extremely individual twelve weeks went to last year’s “Star Trek,” which counted 11 million downloads.

Other films all through the best 10 for illicit downloads in 2010 involved “Kick-Ass” (11.4 million downloads); “Inception” (9.7 million); “Shutter Island” (9.5 million); “Iron dude 2″ (8.8 million); and “The harm Locker” (6.8 million).

TorrentFreak noted the fact that two top-grossing films belonging toward the twelve weeks — “Toy account 3″ and “Alice in Wonderland” — do not make the obtain best ten.