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What is AVI (Audio Video Interleave) Format

What is AVI

AVI means Audio Video Interleave or Interleaved. It is a video container format that was created by Microsoft following the Windows for Video program. AVI is very similar to DVD videos as it can support multiple streaming and synchronous audio-video playbacks. To open this file, a compatible player and all the necessary codecs have to be present. AVI movies come with the AVI file extension and are easily played by the Windows Media Player, being a Microsoft product.

AVI Codec

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Codecs are programs that processes the data contained in the blocks within AVI files. Without the codecs, the video won’t run even if the media player installed on the computer recognizes the file. AVI container can support virtually any compression scheme including Full Frame (uncompressed), Intel Real Time (Indeo).

How to Play AVI

While AVI files will almost always play in a Windows computer being one of the native files of the Windows Media Player, there are a few instances that it will not. On the other hand, QuickTime won’t play AVI files. In order to make an AVI video usable QuickTime player, an video converting software to convert AVI file into a format that can be easily processed by QuickTime is needed.

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