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Why and how to backup DVD movie collection?

Most of probably now and then may come across some kind of DVD damage and lead to losing data or information stored on it. One will be very depressed when the data or information is very important and there is no a duplicate. There are many cases will cause damage to a DVD, for example, be scratched, be broken, or just get lost.  Bad things are inevitable. How to avoid losing data or information? Certainly there is solution to prevent you from immersing in such awkward situation. For example, your DVD movies collection are important to you, to avoid damage or lost, just backup your DVD movie collection by either saving on hard disk or creating DVD copies.

Fortunately, this can be achieved easily since there is DVD backup software that can rip, decrypt, backup and even convert DVDs. Choose one that can pick up the pieces. Get a program that you can trust, but not a program that bundled with malware or spyware. And pay attention to its interface, is it easy-to-use with clear visible buttons, the software with user friendly interface will make your backup process efficient and effortless. Get a free trial version download and follow the steps. Almost all the software works the same way when backup DVD. And the following is the how to do guide.

1. Download the proper DVD backup software, install and run it.

2. Choose the DVD you want to backup and insert it into the drive of your PC.

3. Backup DVD to hard disk: just select copy mode and specify an output folder on your hard disk.

4. Start to backup: Press “Start” button or “OK” to backup the inserted DVD. When the process is finished, you can watch movie on other media player on your PC or you can burn it to another blank DVD later.

Since you have backed up your DVD movie by using the DVD backup software, no need to worry about DVD damage or lost any more.