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How to Backup DVD to DVD±R/W, DVD9, DVD5, VCD, SVCD, or to Hard drive?

How to backup DVD to DVD±R/W, DVD9, DVD5, VCD, SVCD, or tohard drive? There are several options to choose from, ranging from keeping only the main movie and one audio track, to splitting complete DVDs onto 2 DVD±Rs and to squeezing every feature on a particular DVD on a DVD±R. Some guide list many different software for different requirement, such as Full DVD backups, Main movie only, Stripping unwanted extras; DVD-5 -> DVD±R, DVD-9 -> 2 DVD±R, DVD-9 -> 1 DVD±R; basic multiangles, advanced multiangles, Button over video, Infinifilm, Mimicking seamless branching, and so on. But I come up with a question, is there a software which can satisfy all of those needs?

So I keep on installing and uninstall one after another, I tried almost each one of those DVD copy software – DVD Shrink, Blaze DVD Copy, DVDFab, but they all have some kind of shortcomings, DVD Shrink is not compatible with many kind of DVDs, don’t know why, it just doesn’t copy, or failed after half of the job was done; Blaze DVD Copy can not remove region code, css and other protection; DVDFab is too slow, I also dislike it’s interface(personal preference), at the same time, it can not remove protection, and many other software have other kind of problem, and I want some thing better.

Finally, I found the one I’m using now – CloneDVD 5, it is a powerful software which is compatible with almost all kind of DVDs, like DVD9, DVD5, VCD, SVCD, DVD±R/W Basic, DVD±R/W Complex, and video files AVI, ISO, MP4, DivX, XviD, H264, WMV, 3GP, ASF, etc, original video quality, fast copy, good service, free update, that’s what I wanted. What’s more, it have one advantage that all other software can not match – it can remove all kinds of protection, such as region code, css, macro-vision etc.

Download link: CloneDVD – DVD copy (Free download and trial available)