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Best 2013 Christmas Movie for Kids and Adults

The 2013 Christmas is around the corner. Housewives are running out of ideas on how to spend a special Christmas and New Year. Why not spend the Christmas Eve with your family by enjoying a funny Christmas movie night since watching Christmas movies is a hard-won chance to gather with families, and a good channel for neighbors, both grownups and children, to learn each other better and develop new friendship and intimacy. If you have good Christmas movie DVDs, why not backup DVD to avoid kids’ scratches, copy rip Christmas DVD to portable devices…


2013 Top 5 Family Christmas/Holiday Movies

Have you ever watched the famous Christmas movies such as It’s A Wonderful World, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Story and Elf? If you and your family have already watched all these, see what Christmas movies to watch this year. Around Christmas time, the process of digesting basically becomes a full-time job and it’s more than likely you’ll find yourself comatose on the sofa. Here are the top alternative Christmas films to aid that digestive pause.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Shane Black 2005

This off-beat little comedy sees Robert Downey Jr star as Harry Lockhart, a crook on the run that gets mistaken for an actor and sees him pair up with a cop, played by Val Kilmer. Rolling through as many film noir clichés as possible, the laughs come fast and femme fatale, played by Michelle Monaghan, gets caught up in a murder investigation that brings these three unlikely characters together. Playing up to detective novels and and feigned cynicism that comes with them, the fast-paced dialogue and Pulp Fiction-esque action makes this a perfect festive set film for your viewing pleasure.

Holiday in Handcuffs – Ron Underwood 2007

Though this does come with the usual sprinkling of magic, this made-for-tv film for the family stars Melissa Joan Hart as a struggling artist working as a waitress that kidnaps one of her customers to take home to the family. Don’t let the label ‘made-for-tv’ put you off though, it has all the right elements and the child friendly sarcasm is intelligent enough to amuse older ones, too. Of course, the hostage, played by Saved by the Bell’s Mario Lopez, manages to soften the heart of his capture and a bizarre romance ensues. Simple, good fun.

Die Hard – John McTiernan 1988

Another hostage plot film but that takes things to another level is the 1988 classic Die Hard, that sees Bruce Willis play smooth, action loving cop hero John McClane single handedly take on a bunch of German terrorists that have taken over Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. With C4 explosives, memorable one liners and enough action to help you lose a few christmas calories. A must-watch during the festive period.

Gremlins – Joe Dante 1984

If it’s fantasy monster horror you are looking for this Christmas, then I suggest you do so with the wonderful creature classic Gremlins that proves that not all cute, fluffy things make the best companions. Staring Gizmo one of the cutest movie characters to have existed, his owner inadvertently breaks the three important rules concerning his new pet and it isn’t long until his quiet town is overrun with mischievous monsters that are determined to destroy everything. It’s so much fun it’s hard not to love this film.

Scrooged – Richard Donner 1988

Funny man Bill Murray plays Frank Cross a selfish, cynical TV executive that is haunted by three spirits, offering him important lessons, on Christmas Eve. Having carried a chip on his shoulder since childhood, Christmas is nothing more than an inconvenience for him but the spirits have other plans for him and soon show him that he does indeed need to change his ways. This fun take on Charles Dickens’ classic looks dated but the entertainment value has aged like a fine wine (yes, I did just use that phrase).


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