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What to Look for in The Best DVD Ripper for Windows 7

Do you want to know what to look for in the best DVD ripper for Windows 7 that’s available on the market? What are the things you need to know about these different programs so that you can choose the best when you are looking for a DVD ripper for Windows 7?

Besides the basic features such as quality of picture, audio, speed and overall ease of use, there are other features that you definitely want to have such as integrated CSS decryption, episodic support. Let’s take an in-depth look into the basic and more advanced features you should be looking at when purchasing your DVD ripper software.

As mentioned above, the basic features of a DVD ripper for Windows 7 that you have to pay attention to are quality of picture, audio, speed and how easy the DVD ripper is for usage. There is no doubt that you want the best picture quality, and when it comes to speed, though it may not be quite as high as quality, if a program can provide you both excellent quality and super fast speed, that would be a great combination.

When it comes to an easy-to-use DVD ripper for Windows 7, CloneDVD for Mobile will rise to the top of the pack where you can rip any DVD with a few clicks on the mouse.

The primary feature of a best DVD ripper is CSS decryption which empowers you to copy encrypted DVDs. If you have used any DVD copy software that doesn’t have such a feature, you probably found that you can’t rip many new DVD releases due to the protection they have. CloneDVD for Mobile is the master in CSS-free feature.

The program is capable of copying discs that have several episodes, say for a television show, on one disc. In other words, it won’t have any problems identifying all of the different episodes to copy and burn together, just like they are on the original disc.

What to look for in the best DVD ripper for Windows 7 also depends what you want to use the copy content for, you can find CloneDVD for Mobile offers the ability to copy your DVD movies to your BlackBerry, iPod, iPhone, PSP and 3GP mobile phones. If you are interested in watching movies on such portable devices, this DVD ripper is your right choice. It can meet all you basic needs, advanced needs and need of mobile digital life.