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Blu-ray Camp Adopts Aggressive Anti-Copy System

After sony and other DVD producers’s alliance in the “Blu-ray revolution”. Existing anti-copy technology helps to prevent the causal pirate, but those bent on “beating the system” and engaging in large-scale piracy can find ways to bypass existing anti-copy technology.

Before the movie studios devoter themselve to releasing films on either Blu-ray or HD-DVD high definition formats, they want to be assured that extra steps are taken to prevent the copying and pirating of the new high definition DVDs. As a result, the Blu-ray camp has adopted a sophisticated, multi-faceted, copy-protection scheme that will not only prevent casual copying, but would-be pirates will have to invest a lot of time, effort, money, and equipment to beat the studios on this one.

Would it really be so tough? Let’s wait and see!

by: CloneDVD 2010