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Britain uncovered a large pirate DVD group to save hundreds of slave laborers

July 13 report, the United Kingdom recently discovered the value of several millions of pounds in a large-scale piracy DVD group, successfully rescued hundreds of enslaved Chinese labor. CloneDVD free download

The organized criminal groups originating in Hackney, east London, one of stalls, at first, entirely in the east London home and a shop in manufacture thousands of DVD drive for a living, and later expanding business started in east London The Wa Sensi Tao, a large factory producing all kinds of pirated DVD, and eventually grow to 500 million pounds output of an illegal group. British police finally cost 1.5 million pounds in one stroke take away the dens. Last week, the group by trying to “bleach” pirated DVD revenue, DVD piracy charges of conspiracy to manufacture charges, and convicted. (CloneDVD)

Detective Constable is involved in the action team members, she reveals that this case can grab a huge organized crime profits. She also pointed out that the production of pirated DVD is not a crime without victims. “Over the past three years, hundreds of Chinese laborers working for the crime. They do not speak English, living in poor communities, often 11 people crowded in to live in a small room belonging to vulnerable groups, has become the de facto slavery . ” (DVD clone)