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Burn DVD faster in Windows XP using some tricks

Normally the current 16X DVD burner have to spend about 7 minutes to finish a 4.3GB data disc when burning a 16X disc.  But usually it will take 10 minutes to burn 8X discs. While burning the 4X disc will spend 15 minutes.  If the time gap is not very large as the above mentioned while you are burning DVD, that means your DVD burner is a normal, or else you need the following article to help you burn DVD faster.

If the above work are well done, but the time is different from the time I mentioned while burning DVD discs, now we need to look at the work mode of your DVD burner in Windows XP. Here I take NEC 3550 for example.
1,  In the System Properties window of Control Panel select the “IDE ATA / ATAPI” controller and open it to view the list, select the IDE channel where the DVD burner lies in (by clicking this DVD burner’s model we can know the IDE channel).

2, In the IDE Channel Properties window, select “Advanced Settings” tab, then you can clearly know your DVD burner works in which mode (ND-3550 works in the mode of Ultra DMA Mode 2 l that is DMA33 mode as well (in the DMA33 mode DMA is displayed as 2, and DMA66 as 4, and DMA100 as 5, and DMA133 as 6)).

3, Of course, we can also use Nero’s own Info Tools to view the mode. If the DMA mode is ON, that has been opened which means the status of DVD burner is working in normal, and it is fully able to meet the burning speed that we mentioned previously.
If your DVD burner is not currently displayed as the above mentioned, it is recommended that you follow the above method to retest. I believe it was able to solve the problem.

The causes of DVD burning time is too slow, we recommend starting with the power line and data line inspection. In order to ensure the stability of DVD burner, we’d better to use the single power cable, not use the divided power cable. And we’d better use 80-pin data cable to connect DVD burner, so that we can guarantee DVD burner work in UDMA/66 mode. In addition, we need to note that hard drive and DVD burner are best not attached to the same data cable, because this can ensure the stability of DVD burning (this is only suggestion. It is proved that hard drive and DVD burner connect to the same data line, having little impact on the burning speed).