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How Can I Burn Files to A DVD-R in Windows?

“I am going to reformat Windows XP, so I need to burn all my important files (video, music, text document) to a DVD-R disc. How do I do? Is there a program out there?” Probably you have the same question. Many people don’t know that Windows XP includes a DVD burning utility that is able to create a backup of your files. The utility launches whenever you put a blank DVD into the DVD burner. You can to burn files to DVD through Window Explorer.


Step 1. Insert a DVD-R disc into your computer’s DVD burner. Actually any writable disc is ok, like DVD-RW, DVD+RW, etc.
Step 2. Select “Burn files to disc using Windows Explorer” in the pop-up window. If no window appears, just click “Start” button start button in the left corner of desktop screen.  Choose “My Computer” and then double-click the disc burner.
Step 3. Input a name for the DVD you are burning. Choose either “like a USB flash drive” or “With a CD/DVD player”. Click “Next”.
Step 4. Navigate to the hard drive that holds the files to be burned. Drag the files to the empty burning folder. Windows automatically write files to DVD.
Step 5. After it finishes, click “close session” to remove the DVD.

You see, it is quite easy to burn files to DVD without any help of other utilities. Windows Explorer will handle all the things smoothly.


Like a USB flash drive” will allow you to write to the disc multiple times until it is completely full. Only Windows computers can read this type of disc.

With a CD/DVD player” finalizes the disc; any computer or DVD player can read this type of disc, but you cannot write to it again.