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Basic knowledge on burning different types of DVD

DVD stands for digital versatile disc or digital video disc. It is a media in the form of disc that is used to store data in multimedia format. These data can be burnt and saved on the DVD just like burn data on CD. The method used to burn the DVD relies on the nature of the DVD itself. There are three types of DVDs for burning: Data DVD, multimedia files on a DVD and commercial DVD. Do you know the method to burn DVD? There are three common ways: burn data onto a DVD, burn multimedia files onto DVD, and burn a commercial DVD.

Data like excel, documents, and database files can be burned onto a DVD with a universal DVD burning program. The data can then be displayed on all types of computers if they come with a DVD drive. The DVD burning software is easily accessible through purchase or downloads. Some new computers already have DVD burning software preinstalled with the operation system. So, what you need to do is opening the DVD burning software, selecting a data DVD burn and then start to burn step by step.

Multimedia files usually contain videos recorded from TV, mobile phone, digital camera, Internet, or camcorder. Or convert old VHS tape to digital format and then transfer to DVD. So, multimedia files usually are very large in size. There are also many DVD burning software that can burn multimedia files quickly to DVDs. Usually this type of software come with editing features for you to make a special video.

For burning commercial DVDs, maybe it is illegal in many part of the world. However, if you need to create a copy on the purpose of personal use or archiving, there is a DVD copy tool that can assist you. It can decrypt DVD copyright and remove DVD region code. It is advisable to pay attention size of the original DVD as you probably need to shrink the file.

May be you do not have some knowledge on DVD burning. Hope this article could help you. You need to know some basic knowledge on what types of DVDs are suitable to and how to burn DVDs.