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Can piracy help the video game industry?

Scott Steinberg has composed a guest article on CNN that talks about piracy, and hints that maybe piracy isn’t on the way to kill the movement image video game industry. Scott Steinberg could possibly be the mind of engineering and movement image video game consulting company TechSavvy around the earth and has long been incorporated while in the movement image video game market for numerous years.

Pointing in the direction of actuality that an “arms race” exists among writers (with developing quantities of DRM) and hackers, Steinberg insists the present tactic just isn’t working. proof appears to back again up his claim, with well-liked movement image games like current Warfare two getting extensively pirated, and Ubisoft’s harsh DRM method extensively condemned, and however even now sooner or after hacked. Even the PS3 has now been hacked.

And even lawsuits, such as the Australian person sued for $US 1.3m for distributing a duplicate of extremely Mario Bros. Wii on-line that didn’t even work, hasn’t seemed to cease the tide of movement image video game piracy.

Steinberg the factors in the direction of accomplishment of interpersonal mass media movement image games like FarmVille, distributed and executed for free, but with electronic products that may be purchased, and argues that if movement image games experienced been distributed at a reduce cost, and even free, then this would solve the piracy problem, and earnings can arrive by means of compensated on-line content articles and services.

So maybe it’s really a good offer a circumstance of “if you can’t beat them, sign up for them”.