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The Reason Why a CD or DVD Doesn’t Work in Another Player

Have you ever met the problem that your CD or DVD doesn’t work in another player. I will give you some explanations below.

The disc or its contents might not be compatible with the player
There are many types of discs available and not all of them are compatible with all players. Check the documentation for your player to see what type of disc (such as DVD-R or DVD-RW) and what type of programming (e.g., video CD or High MAT) is compatible with. New players are usually widely compatible with most disc types and formatting, but the older players are less consistent, especially with new technologies.

If you are using a Live File System disc, it might not be compatible with the player
The Live File System format is convenient because it allows you delete files easily from rewritable discs (CD-RW and DVD+RW, for example). Also, you can also transfer files to the disc, without the additional deleting step required by the Mastered format. There are several versions of the file system, nevertheless, and not all of them work with older computers and players. For additional information, see which recordable DVD format should I buy?

The disc might not be closed
For the use of certain types of CD or DVD out range of your computer, you must close the session, which process that make the preparation for the disc to be read by other computers and drives.