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How to Choose DVD Burning Software?

The basics of choosing DVD burning software are the same as making an intelligent choice when purchasing other types of software: do a web search and find your options, select the most appropriate candidates, evaluate trial copies, and choose what works best for you.

Make a search on search engine. Try “DVD burning software reviews” on search engine. Read some reviews to see which software title fits your needs. A review written in two years ago is worthless. And a lot of software will be adware of pirating DVD movies. Be cautious of these titles. Some have embedded spyware. Many are worthless. Stick with the mainstream packages if you are risk-averse.

Get trial copies. Get an evaluation copy for each title that seems to have all the features that you need. And study product feature, you may find something that sound great that you didn’t even think about before you start looking for the software.

Perform a hands-on evaluation. Get some cheap DVDs and burn several duplications with the trial copies you have selected. Are some features disabled in your trial copy? How difficult was it, and did it make the results promised? Some titles will fall far from their claims.

What to look for?

The ability to copy DVDs. If you have copy protection problem, it is because the manufacturer wants you to have problems with making copies.

The ability to make copies that play in conventional DVD players. Some DVD burning software may have limitations to do this. The biggest problem is their ability to keep video and audio in sync. You may have to get dedicated software for authoring DVD if you have needs beyond those of ordinary consumer.

The ability to rip video from DVD and save it as AVI, 3GP or MP4. Very little commercial software provides this ability. Also, make sure that the resulting file can play on another computer or 3GP mobile phone or iPhone. CloneDVD, for instance, create AVI, 3GP and MP4 files for those portable devices.

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The most important consideration is to get software that works for you. Does it look right, feel right? Does it have the right features you need?  No one package is likely to do all if you are really interested in making the most of your burner. For me, CloneDVD just does all its work very well. Consider, but don’t be a slave to other people’s opinions. Purchase only what you really need to burn a DVD. Choose DVD burning software that works for you.