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Codemasters: PS3, Xbox 360 Development limited being overcome

Action-packed video games pushing up towards console efficiency ceiling.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console will are actually around the sector for 6 years this November, as properly as the PlayStation three (PS3) has become close to just a single yr less. That’s a really long time during the globe of customer technology, and source demands for video games are only increasing.

Bodycount gaming director Andy Wilson spoke about how the limits within the recent technology of video games consoles are getting reached. He spoke to CVG concerning the issues of building Bodycount for your console platforms.

He says: “It takes a huge amount of effort to get all of that to even work on current consoles, because it takes sh*t-loads of memory, it sucks up performance out of the consoles like you wouldn’t believe. It’s been an unusually long console cycle and it’s going to run on for some time yet.”

He continued: “You find the ceiling by building engines, tools and middleware which mean the next game you do on the current generation you’ve already done all of that stuff, so you can then push it even further.”

Sony has mentioned it is still aim of a ten year life cycle for the PS3 console, even although there has been hints that the next process is in full swing. Microsoft has also mentioned that the Xbox 360 has many years before it will be replaced.