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Convert DVD to iPod MP4

Owning a lot of DVD collections and owning an iPod? Want to convert DVD to iPod MP4 for playback? Download DVD to iPod converter to help you convert any DVD movies into iPod MP4 compatible video format.

Here I recommend the DVD to iPod converter from Why? See the following reasons.

First the video converter enables to remove any DVD region code, make DVD region free and CSS free, convert any copyright protected DVD movie to iPod with highest quality.

Second the DVD ripper offers you 3 converting modes, Entire Disc, Main Movie, Customize. Entire Disc lets you convert whole DVD movie into iPod-MP4 without any parameter deleted. The mode of Main Movie will automatically detect DVD main movie part and delete other unnecessary parts such as intros, sound tracks, menu, languages etc. to convert. We can use Customize to select any title/chapter on the original DVD movie to convert.

Third the DVD to iPod converter empowers you to have more output configure, clip, crop, merge, embed watermark. Clip any part of DVD movie to convert into iPod MP4 file format. Crop the unwanted area of the original DVD movie to create your own movie. Merge two or more titles/clips into one output video. Add your favorite text as watermark to embed in the movie.

Fourth the MP4 converter empowers you to choose subtitle and audio track from original DVD to play on iPod.

Fifth the DVD converter offers to set output parameter including video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, audio channel, audio bit rate, etc. And the Bitrate calculator lets you know the file size and converted video quality before conversion.

Sixth the DVD to iPod MP4 converter rips any encrypted DVD movie into MP4 format with 100% highest conversion speed.

The above factors also are the considering factors and necessary factors when we are searching the DVD to iPod converter.

Here I briefly introduce the steps of converting whole DVD movie to iPod MP4 using the DVD to iPod converter from

Step 1: insert your desired DVD into DVD-ROM, the DVD converter will auto decrypt any DVD protection and identify its location on your hard drive and show the DVD contents on the main window.

Step 2: browse your desired folder as output path.

Step 3: choose entire disc in the copy modes.

Step 4: press start button to begin converting the DVD movie to MP4.

After minutes, you will get your DVD movies in MP4 format which is completely compatible with your iPod.