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Convert MKV and Play MKV on Windows Media Player

People often try to play their downloaded MKV file on their video player software installed on their computer.  In most cases, it does not. While a wide range of players support Matroska files, often the proper decoders for the streams contained in the files are missing. It is important to understand exactly what Matroska files are. MKV files contain video and audio streams (may also contain subtitles). The streams are likely compressed and have been produced with an encoder.

Windows Media Player is developed by Microsoft and used for playing multimedia files. Each Windows computer has the software. It would take little resources to run the player. It’s convenient for Windows users to play multimedia files with WMP.
MKV is the high definition video format. It owns a lot of fans and users. But if someone who wants to play MKV video on WMP directly, there may lies the problem – how to play MKV on Windows Media Player. The WMP doesn’t support MKV files.

Indeed, you can crack your Windows Media Player, but maybe it is too complicated. There is a simple way to play MKV on WMP. Just convert the MKV file to the format supported by WMP. We know that WMP supports AVI, MPEG-1.

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