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How to copy a DVD bigger than 4.7GB?

My friend Tom tells me that he want to copy a DVD that contains 6.72GB information. He only has some regular DVD-R discs which can hold 4.7GB info. He wants the copied DVD to be played on laptop with a DVD-super multi DL drive, not only on some special players. How does he do?

Is there a way to compress the original 6.72GB disk to the regular 4.7GB DVD-R disc, or does he need to buy different type of DVD disc which has the enough capacity to hold the 6.72GB information. Thankfully, I know the method. He can either copy the DVD to a DVD 9 disc with 8.5GB capacity or compress the disc to the regular DVD 5 (4.7GB) in hand with a DVD copy software.

There is a professional DVD copy software named CloneDVD that can copy DVD 9 to DVD 9, DVD 5 to DVD 5, compress / shrink DVD 9 to DVD 5 and split DVD 9 to 2 DVD 5. Because Tom has only regular DVD 5 disc in hand, so I suggest him to shrink his 6.72GB DVD movie to a DVD 5. CloneDVD has a very simple interface. Using smart buttons on CloneDVD, he can copy any DVD movie to blank DVD discs easily.