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Choose the best DVD copy software to copy a protected DVD

We all know that DVDs are protected or encrypted to prevent being copied. The purpose of copy protection is to stop piracy. But it make restrictions for backing up the contents of DVDs.

Some people may think they should be able to open a DVD in DVD burner and copy it like copying a CD. But it is different. You need a  DVD copy software to copy a protected DVD.

DVD copy software appeared several years ago, and they were tutorial guides rather than DVD copy software. There were many steps for you to follow, and a lot of assistant software were needed. To copy a DVD is very slow, tedious and restless.

Lucky enough, with today’s advanced technology, copying a DVD movies (even CSS encrypted and copy protected DVDs) is not that complex. It becomes a easy thing that every one can master it well. So once you have the right DVD copy software, it is so easy that anyone can make a clone of any DVD.

And today, there are many DVD copying software that allow you to copy a protected DVD, the problem is which is the best suits your purpose. I find a matchless one - CloneDVD. It is the world best and easiest-to-use DVD copy software to copy / burn / rip / encrypt any DVD movies by removing all existing DVD protections automatically. CloneDVD supports to compress/shrink DVD9 to DVD 5copy DVD9 to DVD9 and DVD5 to DVD5 perfectly, split or divide DVD9 into 2 DVD5 and even convert DVD to MP4DVD to 3GP, DVD to AVI, etc.

Simply insert the DVD into your computer, click the START button, and that’s it!