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Copy DVD-R to DVD+R

You want to copy DVD-R to DVD+R for storage or backup? And you want the DVD+R can be playable on youR home DVD Players or your computer DVD drives? You can free download CloneDVD to help you copy DVD-R files to DVD+R disc without any loss. And you can refer to the following tutorial how to copy DVD-R to DVD+R after you have launched CloneDVD on your Windows computer.

First insert your DVD-R disc into the DVD-ROM drive to let CloneDVD identify and decrypt the DVD.

Choose DVD+R as output format.

Click Entire disc button.

Click “start” to begin the process of copying DVD-R to DVD+R.


What is DVD-R?

DVD-R, a DVD recordable format, typically have a storage capacity of 4.71GB. After Pioneer developed an 8.5 GB DVD dual layer disc, DVD DL have appeared on the market. The data of DVD-R cannot be changed.

What is DVD+R?

DVD+R is a format for optical disc data storage that uses digital recording. DVD+R is a write-once optical disc with 4.7GB storage capacity, so it can be used for non-volatile data storage.