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Can You Copy YouTube Video to DVD

Since the DVD is the MPEG-2 video, your video downloaded from YouTube is FLV video, you need to convert YouTube video to DVD format at first, otherwise a regular DVD player or DVD-ROM driver can’t read and play it .

It seems like you might be asking, is it legal? Unless there is something in the video, which states that all rights are reserved, the videos shown to the public and are thus able to be downloaded, burned to a CD, copied, published elsewhere, downloaded again, so by default, all videos on YouTube are open to any use by the public.

Most of us like to watch YouTube videos. But have you ever thought about downloading videos from YouTube and watch them on your portable players or TV? There are two steps to do the work:

1. Download YouTube video using free online converter or free tools;

2. Burn YouTube video to DVD.

You can use a free YouTube Downloader to download your favorite videos from YouTube website. Just specify the URL for the video you want to download and click the “Start” button!

Download CloneDVD from Insert a blank DVD to your PC. Load the video files downloaded from YouTube and then start to burn it to the blank DVD.

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