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Crop DVD Movies and then convert to iPod

Do you want to crop DVD video to highlight the video are or remove the black margins and then convert the new cropped DVD video to iPod for playback? I find a program that can crop DVD movie and then convert to iPod. The program named DVD to iPod converter. It’s super easy for me to crop DVD then convert to iPod when I use this DVD to iPod converter.

Step 1: download DVD to iPod converter from from Internet, then setup the .exe application by following the installation wizard, then instantly launch it to free try the DVD to iPod converter and use it to crop DVD videos.

Step 2: insert your DVD disc into the computer DVD-ROM drive. DVD to iPod converter will auto decrypt, indentify the DVD and show the DVD information such as the size, the content, the audio format, the subtitle etc. on the main interface.

Step 3: set the output folder for the converted files.

Step 4: click DVD Rip button to load the DVD Ripping info which will help you how to trim DVD clips, crop DVD movies, add watermark to DVD videos, merge DVD titles with brief introduction.

Step 5: in the DVD content choose the titles you want to crop, and then click the Effects button on the top of Start button to open the Effects interface, and then clip the Crop button.

Step 6: crop DVD movies. In the left column we can set the Crop Area Size and Position Of Crop Area by filling your desired values, or choose the area size from the Frequently-used list. We can instantly see the effects of the cropped video in the right preview window. We can also directly use the crop tool in the right preview area to visually crop the video area.

Step 7: click OK button to save the changes. Then the cropped video will be auto loaded into the main interface.

After cropping we go on converting the new cropped movie to iPod.

Step 1: press the Setting button to choose the output type from the default types or customize the output parameters of video resolution, video bitrate, frmae rate, audio bitrate, sample rate, channel.

Step 2: select the cropped video and other DVD titles you want to convert, and then click the Start button to begin convert your wanted DVD videos to iPod MP4.

If you want to free try this DVD to iPod converter and want to use it to crop DVD videos then convert to iPod, you can instantly download it from