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Crop the Frame of DVD Screen to Have a Full View

If you care to get the aspect ratio correct, and capture at a standard size when you are converting DVD to other format for portable device, resizing is nearly always required. Capping at another resolution and resizing to the correct pixel size afterwards is very important, for that you can view a full screen on your portable devices.

Normally, commercial DVDs are made to play back on a 4:3 TV. So you get black bars at top and bottom of the picture. When playing DVD on a 16:9 wide screen TV, we tend to display movies at full screen in order to take full advantage of the wide screen. In that case the image is slightly stretched. There is a program to help you crop the frame of DVD to meet your various display screens.

CloneDVD, the most popular DVD movies copy software can easily copy any DVD movies by removing all existing DVD protections automatically. With CloneDVD, you can DIY your own movies by its powerful video editing technology. Trim DVD clips, add watermark to DVD movies, merge DVD chapters into a single one, and eliminate unwanted areas of the frame of DVD.

To crop the frame of DVD

You need download CloneDVD and install it on a Windows operation system computer, run the program, load DVD and click the “Effects” button to open the Effects interface, you can set a proper value in the Frequently-used list or drag the frame. You can instantly see the effect in the right preview window, click “OK” to save the changes. After the editing, you can convert the DVD into other formats for your portable devices. Don’t you want to have a try?