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Decrypt all DVD region code, watch all DVD movies freely

As we all know, in order to protect intellectual property rights, DVD disc has region code restrictions, and some DVD drives also lock the region code. After the purchase of DVD drive, users are allowed to modify certain number of times (usually 5) of the Region Code, but after having been modified more than the certain number of times, the DVD drive’s region code is limited at the final selected region code. Now our DVD drive can still normally read this region code of DVD disc, but it cannot read the other region code of a DVD disc. It’s super inconvenience for us.

So, once our DVD drive’s region code is locked, how should we decrypt the region code, let the DVD drive be a free region code?

DVD Ghost from , the best DVD decryptor, makes your DVD drive and DVD player region free. This strong DVD decrypter software automatically and quickly removes all kind of DVD restrictions such as RPC region code, CSS, RCE, APS, UOPS etc. Your DVD player will play all regions DVD discs even if you have changed the region code for 5 times.

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