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How to delete the introduction and menu of a DVD?

Are you bored with the annoying introduction of a DVD? Couldn’t we just start from the main movie? I have a DVD movie which has an introduction and a menu. I want to delete the introduction and menu from the DVD so that it can start playing the main movie immediately. Can I delete any of the files to get rid of the introduction and menu?

I find a smart and easy-to-use tool by chance. CloneDVD – a professional DVD copy software which can copy any DVD with CSS encryption or any copyright protected DVD. It provides three copy modes so that you can customize your DVD movies. Entire disk: copy the whole disc to keep all the files; Main movies: keep the main movies by deleting the intros, menu, language, sound track etc.; Customize: customize your movie by select any chapter to copy.

Then let’s see how I deleted introduction and menu from a DVD to keep the main movie of the DVD.

Step 1, free download CloneDVD, install it and run it on Windows.

Step 2, load the DVD onto the program.

Step 3, choose the “Main movie” copying mode.

Step 4, choose copy as ISO files and specify an output folder to save movie.

Step 5, click “Start”.

After a couple of minutes, the copying process will finish. You will get a movie without introduction and menu, and then you can play the main movie straight away.