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Differences between DVD and VCD

Comparing with VCD(the Video Compact Disc), the DVD contains exactly the same material, but in an inferior quality. The audio stream on the DVD is a 5.1 one (in comparison with only left and right channels on the VCD) – as described above for DVD-audio. Though this is not true for all DVDs – for example DVDs coming with first “Japan” issue of albums ‘MY STORY’ and ‘(miss)understood’, and with “overseas” versions of all 2005 singles only have a simple stereo; but 2005 concert DVDs (both ‘Arena Tour 2005′ and ‘a-nation 2005′ have a 5.1 audio stream; VCD files are encoded in MPEG-1 format, DVD ones – in MPEG-2 (technical details could be found elsewhere); The frame rate is the same for DVD and VCD formats (30 fps for NTSC and 25 fps for PAL); The frame size is different (that’s from where video quality of DVD mainly comes from) – DVD one is four times larger quality.