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Differences between HD-DVD and Blu-ray DVD?

HD-DVD: Using a low bit rate compression such as MPEG-4, and its adhesive structure is similar to 0.6mm bottom adhesive DVD, a double-layer DVD disc can store 9GB of high-definition digital video content (HD-DVD). (Video Converter)
Blu-ray DVD: Blu-ray DVD format has a 36MB / s data transfer rate, and uses MPEG-2 compression for streaming media, consistent with the standards of world digital broadcasting. Single-sided single-layer Blu-ray DVD disc storage capacity is defined as 23.3GB, 25GB and 27GB, with the highest capacity (27GB) is almost 6 time the current red-sided single-layer DVD disc capacity (4.7GB), which enough to store more than 2 hours playback time, high-definition digital video content, or more than 13 hours playback time of standard TV programs (VHS format image quality, 3.8MB / s). However, the Blu-ray DVD format is not compatible with the existing DVD format. (Clone DVD)