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Different kinds of DVD players and recorders available now

DVDs have many configurations. Here is a listing of DVD player and recorder components that are available for you:

1. Standard DVD Player (both single tray and changer)

2. Universal DVD Player (SACD/DVD-Audio Compatible Player)

3. DVD Recorder/VHS VCR combination

4. DVD Player/VHS VCR combination

5. DVD Recorder/Hard Drive Combination

6. DVD player/AV Receiver Combination

7. DVD Recorder/TIVO Combination

8. DVD Player/TIVO Combination

9. Portable DVD Player

10. DVD Camcorder

11. DVD Player/Video Game Console Combination

12. Home Theater-In-A-Box System with built-in DVD Player

13. TV/DVD Player or TV/DVD player/VCR Combination

14. DVD Player/Video Projector Combination

16. Standalone Video Editing System With A Built-in DVD Burner

15. DVD-ROM and DVD-Writer Drives for PCs and Laptop Computers

16. HD-DVD Player (HD-DVD and DVD compatible)

17. Blu-ray Disc Player (Blu-ray Disc and DVD compatible)

As you can see, there is a DVD player configuration for every needs, and which come in all price ranges. Hope this list can help you choose the one you want!