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Dreamworks brings MegaMind to Farmville

In-game marketing is hardly a uncommon thing. And film/game tie-ins are pretty frequent as well – but Dreamworks and Zynga are getting products a actions additional on Nov. 4. Megamind-farmville

For the very first time, a studio will market its newest film within a interpersonal networking gaming when “Megamind” arrives using the insanely wanted “Farmville”.

Virtual farmers from the gaming should certainly possess the ability to spend a visit to Megamind’s “Mega-Farm” to obtain two exclusive in-game items. The campaign is scheduled to last 24 hours.

While advertisement ties-ins with interpersonal gaming titles are rare, they are not unheard of (McDonalds also experienced a current “Farmville” promotion) plus they do make perception over a sheer quantities scale. In September, the gaming experienced an eye-popping 62 million energetic people and much more than 24.6 million Facebook app fans. it could be supplied in all iDevices as well as MSN Games.

That market checks in regularly, as well – and several are obsessive about their farms. that is a desire market for marketers. Dreamworks is hoping the loyalty using the gaming will send using the film to help it article huge opening weekend numbers.