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Dropbox Acquired Bubbli on May 21

May 21, Dropbox announced that it has acquired the ios app Bubbli which allows users to use phone to shot 3D photos without help from specific photo equipments. After the acquisition, the function of shooting and storing 3D panoramic photos will be combined to the Dropbox. Bubbi uses it special arithmetic which allows users to combines photos shot from different angles into a complete 3D panoramic photo and supports users to move the mouse at web side to rotate the view then to see the panorama photos, the process is quite smooth. People interested in that can view it on Bubbi’s official website.


Even though two founders of Bubbi said in the e-mail to their staff that users can still use and download Bubbi’s mobile applications, however, according to common rules, Dropbox acquires other companies, and then it will combine its businesses and close its original platform. This time, Dropbox acquires Bubbi not only brings Dropbox another image storage cloud service provider, but also the 3D panorama photo technology. The e-mail that the founders of Bubbli Ben Newhouse and Terrence McArdle followed below: