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DVD Movie Database: MBDB – DVD Copy Information Collections

If you are a DVD movie buff who wants to protect your original DVD disc or keep the loved DVD movie rent from others on hand, to copy or burn the DVD is a good choice. Before copying the DVD, you may want to know if the DVD can be copied successfully and played normally by your DVD player. Then, MBDB is such a perfect place for you.

What is MBDB

MBDB, short for Movie Backup Database, as its named, is a DVD movie copy collection provided by Aviosoft, Inc. In MBDB, it has collected more than 390,000 DVD movies which have already been copied without any difficulty by its DVD copy software CloneDVD. Just write down your DVD movie name in the search area and click the Enter key, you can see all detailed information like successful copy times, rumtime, online score, DVD size, poster, release year, and so on. Also, you can share your views on the movie with other fans on MBDB.

Why We Offer MBDB

As the most excellent and popular software in Aviosoft, Inc., CloneDVD works perfectly to copy or burn any DVD movie from the different countries or areas in the world to a blank disc, DVD to hard drive, DVD to ISO, or DVD to portable devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, cell phones and more. More and more CloneDVD users hope to share their “congratulations” to others after love DVD movie has copied or burned successfully. And there are some others want to know if their DVD rent from local shops or borrowed from friends can be copied or not. To offer best servce for software users, Aviosoft, Inc. has developed MBDB. MBDB is the huge source for all DVD movie collections that have already been copied successfully by CloneDVD. After CloneDVD copied a DVD disc, the user can share the copy result with millions of DVD fans who may also like this movie by just pressing the MBDB button on the CloneDVD interface. It is very simple and fast.