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DVD backup software – Backup your DVD in a few clicks

If you want to get a DVD backup / copy software, I know the software you need. I’m always keeping interest on software that can help me rip my DVDs to other devices or backup DVDs on my computer. So I am looking for DVD backup software which can deal with all DVDs effortlessly in order to keep my original DVDs from damage.

I decided to use CloneDVD because not only does it allow me to copy DVDs to blank DVDs, but also let me backup DVD to hard disk and many portable devices. If you are also looking for DVD backup software, then look no further, don’t waste time and energy to look for a needle in the website ocean. CloneDVD is your best choice; it only takes a few clicks to finish the backup / copying / converting process.

It is an ultimate solution to all sorts of answers because it allows you to bypass all the protection and put the DVD movies on portable devices as iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP and various brands of cell phone.

With CloneDVD, backing up movies and DVD’s couldn’t be easier and you can choose whatever video size you want when you rip the video. You can even choose specific segments of the movie (say if you wanted to cut only a specific 30 second clip of a film and use it for blog use).

To sum up, all you have to do is to download this software and install it on your pc and start copying your DVDs. Just load the DVD onto your computer, you can select what you want from the available output formats, and choose a copying mode and then start to backup. I am sure there is no such a DVD copy software that can integrate so many features in one pack.