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DVD Copying 1 – Introduction

Since DVDs and DVD clone is currently a hot topic, there is greater demand for DVD clone software. DVDs are still vulnerable to children or pets scratches, so people are looking into solutions to create safety copies. In this article I will try to explain why you can’t simply copy a DVD, and the processes you have to go trough in order to copy one. This article is in no way the answer to all your questions, but it should get you started and explain the basics of the process.

A DVD is usually a movie, therefore we will focus on making a copy of a DVD movie. This process includes several tasks that might be – or become – illegal in your country, because there is circumvention of copy protections involved.

First we will introduce you to the DVD format, tell you why you can’t just simply copy it and the processes needed in order to make a copy. After that we will discuss some useful tools to assist you in making your backup.