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DVD Copying 4 – Solutions

Solutions – Remove, Shrink, Split?

Now there are many applications available that are able to let you choose which parts of the DVD movie to be copied to a recordable DVD. you can rip the movie to your hard drive by selecting the right information and see if it will fit on the recordable DVD, if it fits then you can burn it. If not there are still two options for you, shrinking or splitting.

Shrinking is probably the most commonly used option. DVD clone software packages are commonly referred to as compression engines, remuxers, transcoders or encoders. The software is able to compress the MPEG-2 compressed movies, while bringing down the amount of data used and make it possible to fit on a recordable DVD.

Movie compression is a very intensive task for computer, the faster your system is, the less time you will have to spend on this process. Generally you should take at least 2 hours’ time for the entire process to complete with an average system.

Some software can split a movie to several discs, the disadvantage is that you will have to change the discs while watching. Generally shrinking is preferred.